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The most secure and reliable way to verify your tickets on the event day.

With our flexible app you can verify your tickets in a variety of ways. Scan tickets over the internet and continue selling tickets in real time or if you don't have internet access, you can simply scan tickets in offline mode.

Smartphone scanning 

Our real-time QR code scanning app is the most efficient way to manage your event entrance. Tickets are verified in real time over a WiFi connection,mobile data or offline.


Crystal clear results

It is important to easily identify the integrity of a ticket. That's why our app responds with colour coding, audio sounds and the ability to view the details about that ticket.



Customer forgot their ticket? Simply search for their name and check them in manually. The app keeps track of how many of their tickets have been used. 



During the scanning process, a ticket breakdown is available in the app and the website at all times. This reveals how many is left to come in and the percentage of overall attendees.

Android & IOS App

Mobile ready tickets

Offline ticket scanning

Detailed real time reporting

Edit scans on the go

Scan over internet, WiFi or offline

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