How it works

Firstly sign up for a normal clients account this way you can create test events and get to know this awesome system. When you're ready just contact us and we'll get the ball rolling, by changing you to a partner.

Once activated you will receive a unique URL e.g. use this to promote to event organisers, if they sign up they will be assigned to you.

Get Started

We give 10% of fees for each ticket sold. No stock or products to buy just share what we do and start making money.

Its free to get started and if you want 250 business cards including a We Scan Ticket email address and your URL on them we charge £25.

Simple rules

No email scamming, unwanted cold calling, any promotional materials must be shown in full to We Scan Tickets before use.You can't use this for an event that's already in the system or an event you are putting on.

Commission is paid after the event is finished. In the case of an event being cancelled you would not receive any commission for that event.

Next level

Once you have hit 500 tickets sold you can then start to recruit partners and you will receive 10% of what they do.There is no limit to how many partners you can have or how much money you can earn.

Your full partner tree will be displayed in your We Scan Ticket account along with your statement of what you are earning up they will be assigned to you.