Create an Event

Once you have signed up and activated an account, creating an event couldn’t be easier. You now have the option to start with a test event, here you can submerge in to the wealth of features and go wild with your creation.

Set your selling schedule when you want to start and end sales. Integrate with mailchimp and each sale automatically will be added to your list. You can also share your next event with those early bird offers.

Sell Tickets

Add tickets, set individual limits, turn on or off at any time. Even change the price.

Set discount codes that can be used for special offers or have a discounted checkout. Make as many checkout widgets as you want, just drop the widget code into your website or integrate with Facebook, great way to track sales in different sites.

Keeping an eye on sales

In depth, real time analyses of your sales data 24/7, monitor individual statistics on each checkout widget.

Study the location of ticket sales using our advance geo-graphing system.

This data will assist targeting your next advertising campaign. If you require more, we have partnered up with Google Analytics where you can focus on the extensive data they supply.

Verify Tickets

Using our pre built smart phone software, you can scan and verify your customers from your phone. With many options available from a static list to a full scanning team, scanners and entrance management. For large events we will plan your entrance strategy and make sure you reduce queueing year on year.