Related To Payments

What are the fees?
Very simple fee system tickets under £10 we charge 10% tickets over £10 we charge a flat rate of a £1. Additional charge of 2.5% per card transaction.
How Are the Fees Paid?
The event organiser has the choice either adding the fees on, splitting them or absorbing into the ticket price. The fees will clearly be shown on checkout.

Related To Tickets

Can I sell tickets on my event Facebook page?
Very easily through our own Facebook app which is created with one click in admin area.
Can I customise my ticket design?
Fully branded tickets with your own logo and detailed description.


Are the customers details held securely?
All records and personal information are kept in a very secure SSL system and will never be sold or shared with any other parties. All data is automatically backed up regularly.
Can I customise my checkout design?
You can easily customised your checkout size, colour, font type and adding your branding so blends directly in to your site.