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Mobile ticketing at its best. Sell online tickets with no cost to the event organiser, receive funds directly. Create a test event now.

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Low fees for all tickets

Choose who pays the booking fees. You can add them on to the ticket price, absorb them into the event costs or split them between the event and ticket buyers.


Customise your checkout widgets to blend seamlessly with your webpage, your customers will never leave your site through the whole buying process.

Direct Payment

A beautiful responsive checkout designed primarily for smart phone screens. This gives native support for phones, tablets and desktops.


Populate your mailchimp lists using our simple integration tools. Add your checkout on facebook pages, automatically track using google analytics.


Create as many checkouts as you want. Place them within each social media/websites your using, track the performance of each checkout individually

Real time statistics

Monitor your statistics live. Checkout hits, total sales, ticket progress, easily link up with Google analytics to get an in depth view of your customers.

Mobile Scanning

Mobile Scanning

Streamline entrance management app that puts the event organiser in charge of what used to be a time consuming task.

We have pushed the boundaries of development to create the We Scan Tickets entrance app. Entrance scanning anywhere, from small charity events where the simple search list works to large festivals using multiple devices to maximise efficiency.

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Free for event organisers

With new features being added all the time, We Scan Tickets is leading the way and staying ahead of this fast moving industry. Structured from the ground up by real event organisers, giving new customers just what they need.


Create an event within an event
A great way to boost tickets sales is creating an event within an event. This targets a variety of audiences and results in a higher amount of people buying tickets. This also benefits the customer as they get two events for the price of one! Mighty Dub Fest are having great success by doing this.
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A guide to Search Engine Optimisation
Search engine marketing or search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising, customising, marketing, developing and designing your websit...
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iZettle – Accept credit card payments using your phone
We Scan Tickets have partnered with iZettle, giving event organisers the ability to take card payments iZettle
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